Which solar system is finest for you?


The decision to bring solar to your roof is a big investment and you want to make sure that the system installed is correct and tailored to your needs. There are currently three types of solar systems available on the market: grid-tie, off-grid and hybrid systems, each taking into account different situations, conditions and customer expectations for a solar system. How do the three differ from each other?

Lattice binding system

The grid tie system is the most popular and convenient construction for homeowners, especially in Metro Manila and areas where there is stable grid power. A grid connection system is connected to the power grid. This means that during the day the electricity your house uses comes from your sun and at night the electricity grid. This system uses a grid connected inverter that regulates the power coming from your panels and boosts the voltage from the grid a little higher to ensure solar power is your first priority. If your solar energy is below average due to cloudy weather or system failure and is not delivering the power your household needs, it will automatically turn your source back on the grid, making it seamless and preventing unwanted power interruptions. However, since it is tied to the power grid, no power grid means no solar energy, even though the sun is shining brightly outside.

A grid connection system is good for homeowners who are more interested in monthly savings from their monthly utility bills. Thanks to the Net Metering program, the grid connection has the fastest ROI among the various options of the solar system. You can sell surplus or unused electricity to the grid and earn credits. That way, you can use these credits to offset nightly consumption and the result is a significantly reduced electricity bill.

Off-grid system

As a stand-alone system, a network-independent system is built up independently, which means that it works without electricity from the network. The off-grid network is perfect for blackout areas that are not receiving power from your utility company, or for areas where blackouts occur continuously. The off-grid system includes energy storage and requires batteries to function. With this type of system, electricity is stored in the battery so that electricity can be supplied at any time. This system requires a lot of maintenance and can be costly due to the occasional battery and charge controller replacement.

Hybrid system

If you want a comprehensive energy security system, the hybrid system is for you. A hybrid system is a mixture of network connection and network-independent system, hence the term hybrid. It also has batteries, similar to an off-grid setup, but at the same time you are also plugged into the mains. This system can be programmed to sell the excess electricity to the mains or use it to charge the batteries, which you can use later during the night or during power outages. A hybrid system is also more expensive compared to connecting to the mains and also requires that you service and replace the batteries from time to time.

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