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The Australian energy storage specialist Redback Technologies has presented a newly expanded product range. The company has expanded its range of modular storage systems for private and commercial customers with a range of grid-connected solar inverters and new, upgraded battery products.

November 5, 2021

From PV magazine Australia

Patrick Matweew, CEO of Redback Technologies, said the addition of an inverter to the Brisbane-based company’s product line represents a significant change in corporate strategy.

The range of Redback inverters has so far been limited to hybrid inverters as part of its battery storage systems. This has now been expanded with the introduction of the Redback Smart Inverter series.

“Due to the great success that we have had with our smart home battery solutions since 2015 and the fact that there is no affordable Australian brand on the market, we have decided to expand our portfolio with grid-connected PV inverters”, said Matwe. “Every household has different energy needs, so we made a conscious change to ensure that we have an Australian solution for every customer.”

The Redback Smart Inverters are single-phase solar inverters with 5, 6, 8 and 10 kVA (kW) output, whereby the company specifies a maximum efficiency of up to 97.5%. All come with a smart meter and WiFi dongle as standard and allow home batteries to be added in the future. They are all compliant with the new standard AS4777.2 (2020).

Redback has also expanded its Smart Battery range, adding two new models with greater capacity to its SB series.

In addition to the existing SB7200 7.2 kWh offer, which was introduced earlier this year, Redback introduced the new SB9600 with a nominal storage capacity of 9.6 kWh and the larger SB14200 with 14.2 kWh storage capacity. Both the SB9600 and SB14200 have a nominal power of 4.5 k, while the SB7200 offers a nominal active power of 3.3 KW, with the company specifying a maximum efficiency of 96.60%.

The company said that the units, equipped with batteries from Chinese manufacturer Pylontech, are compatible with most solar systems, can be remotely monitored and all three models can provide a backup supply in the event of a power failure if a backup circuit is connected and Battery power is available.

“The batteries are also modular units, which means they are light, easy to install and use. Like all Redback solutions, the smart home battery systems are developed in Australia and are built to withstand the toughest conditions in Australia, ”said Matweew. “The new SB9600 and SB14000 are designed and built to be affordable for Australian households, and our latest addition to a 10-year battery system warranty gives owners years of peace of mind.”

The new Smart Batteries will be available in Australia later this month, although the smaller 7.2 kWh Smart Battery is available now and is in stock in Australia. The new inverter series should also be available in Australia this month. The launch of the new products coincides with a rebranding of Redback that includes a new logo and color scheme. Gone is the iconic red-backed spider, replaced by a ball that is reminiscent of the sun.

Matweew said creating a stronger link between the company’s Australian heritage and its purpose and vision was the main reason behind the company’s name change.

“The Australian sun is such an important aspect of our landscape; Our new branding takes these iconic colors and integrates them along with the open path to Australia’s clean energy future. This is in line with our goal of having a cleaner tomorrow, ”he said. “That’s the key message – we want to offer Australian households and small businesses an Australian option that is tailored to our local conditions, is robust and affordable, and that is clearly niche in the market right now.”

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