China Prostar 5KW 48V Solar Hybrid Inverter Generator Pure Sine Wave Constructed-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller on International Sources, MPPT Solar Charge Controller, 5KW Hybrid Inverter, Inverter Generator – International Sources

Prostar MixSolar Series 2KW-5.5KW Hybrid bidirectional solar inverter that uses solar power, AC power and battery power source to provide continuous power. It is a simple and intelligent solar power storage system for home users that either stores energy in a battery bank and waits for night use or, as required, is used first for self-consumption. The priority for the power source can be programmed and set up using intelligent software. During the night or in the event of a power failure, it automatically draws power from the battery bank. This will reduce the dependency on the utility.

Product features:
1. Advanced DSP control technology provides accurate data with pure sine wave output
2. Built-in MPPT solar charge controller
3. Self-consumption and grid feed-in
4. Green substitution for generators
5. Programmable supply priority for PV, battery or grid
6. LCD display for comprehensive information
7. Multiple operating modes: lattice binding, stand-alone and lattice binding with backup
8. User adjustable battery charging current for different battery types
9. Set up zero feed-in into the grid
10. Monitoring software & WIFI kit for real-time status display and control
11. Built-in timer for different on and off modes
12. Cold start function
13. Parallel operation of up to 3 devices (optional)

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