China Futuresolar GEL Battety 12v 50ah 100ah 150ah 200ah Solar Battery with Greatest Value for Out of doors Use on International Sources, Solar Battery, Naked System, Battery – International Sources

Important specifications / special features:
1. Pure original lead material to make the battery, do not recycle lead
2. Inner battery formation, high quality inner circuit board
3. TTP welding technology, more stable quality and safety
4. Housing of the entire cast battery, become leaky
5. Fresh lead plate, long life and low pollution
6. Quality check with auto machine, can test problem to make sure all goods quality

1. Do not connect and do not accidentally connect the positive and negative poles with metal conductors to avoid short circuits

2. Avoid conversion links or unstable links

3. Do not add unqualified electrolyte or water

4. Do not work under insufficient electrolyte conditions. A semi-maintenance-free battery should be regularly filled with pure water

5. Do not use in deep cycle (capacity below 50% electrolyte gravity, below 1,200 g / ml)

6. Make sure the vent valve is working properly to avoid explosion from valve failure

7. Do not turn or lean more than 45 ° during transport or storage

8. Ventilate during charging, do not smoke

1. Pump water
2. Solar system
3. Wind and photovoltaic systems
4. Telecommunications
5. Bike and swimming service
6. Golf cars and buggies
7. Wheelchairs and electric vehicles
8. Boats / marine / navigational aids
9. Commercial deep cycle applications

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